Week #13 100 Word Challenge

One day, 2 robots went haywire in a restaurant and started scraping everything. the 2 kids inside started running around like the world was ending. Then, the children ran outside and went back home. When Pete got home, his brother Yusei said he left their keys in the restaurant. So, Yusei went back and looked for their keys. Yusei found nothing so they tried to squeeze in the window. They got through the window but they were exhausted so Pete fell asleep on the floor. The next day, Pete woke up and forgot what happened. Then, he found some Stardust cards from Yugioh.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

There was a boy, but he wasn't any child. He was a guy who could control wind, time, and seasons. When he changed the wind from north to south, it raised a hurricane that was 200 knots, destroying the world. He then rewound time and the seasonsbut it seemed to be going backwards agonizingly slowly. He saw the hurricane's damage slowly rewind. Then he used his long-shot to hook on a roof then used his other one to get to the top of a building. he ran to his sister's house to take a nap and never again manipulated the wind.